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He Bei GuangHao Pipe Fittings Co .,LTD (Cangzhou Sailing Steel Pipe Co., Ltd)

He Bei GuangHao Pipe Fittings Co .,LTD (Cangzhou Sailing Steel Pipe Co., Ltd)



He Bei GuangHao Pipe Fittings Co .,LTD (Cangzhou Sailing Steel Pipe Co., Ltd)
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Branch Outlet Fittings (Total 3 Products)

Produktkategorie von Branch Outlet Fittings, wir sind spezialisierte Hersteller aus China, Branch Outlet Fittings , Astm A694 F52 Weldolet Lieferanten / Fabrik, Großhandel hochwertige Produkte von Hydraulic Branch Outlet Fittings R & D und Produktion, haben wir die perfekte After-Sales-Service und technische Unterstützung. Freuen Sie sich auf Ihre Mitarbeit!
ASTM A694 F52 Weldolet

Einheitspreis: USD 1 / Pack/Packs

Min.Order Einheitspreis
1 Pack/Packs USD 1 / Pack/Packs

Marke: Guang Hao

Verpakung: Verpackung: Holzkiste / Palette

Versorgungsmaterial-Fähigkeit: 50000 Tons

ASTM A694 F52 Flansche Chemische Zusammensetzung Grade C
ASTM A694 / A694M Weldolet

Marke: GH


Versorgungsmaterial-Fähigkeit: 100T/week

ASTM A694 hat mehrere Qualitäten von F42 bis F70, und jede Sorte wird basierend auf der Mindeststreckgrenze wie in der folgenden Tabelle angegeben angegeben Grade
ASTM 350LF2 Weldolet / Threadolets-Sockolets

Marke: GH


Versorgungsmaterial-Fähigkeit: 100T/week

Schweißnähte, Threadolets, Sockolets, Flangolets, Elbolet, Sweepolets, Sattel, Nipolets, Brazolets, Latrolets, Insertolets ASTM A105,20 # 、 Q235、16Mn 、 ASTM A350 LF1, LF2 CL1 / CL2, LF3 CL1 / CL2 、 ASTM A694 F42, F46, F48, F50, F52, F56, F60, F65,...

China Branch Outlet Fittings Lieferanten

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Size: 1/2''~6'' 

Class Rating: 3000~6000 

Facing: RF(raised face);FF(flat face);RTJ(ring type joint);RJ(ring joint face) 

TG(tongue and groove face);MFM(male and female face) 

Manufacturing process: Push, Press, Forge, Cast, etc. 


Carbon steel:

ASTM A105;  

ASTM A266 GR.1,GR.2,GR.3,GR.4 


Stainless steel: 

304/SUS304/UNS S30400/1.4301

304L/UNS S30403/1.4306;

304H/UNS S30409/1.4948;

309S/UNS S30908/1.4833

309H/UNS S30909;

310S/UNS S31008/1.4845;

310H/UNS S31009;

316/UNS S31600/1.4401;

316Ti/UNS S31635/1.4571;

316H/UNS S31609/1.4436;

316L/UNS S31603/1.4404;

316LN/UNS S31653;

317/UNS S31700;

317L/UNS S31703/1.4438;

321/UNS S32100/1.4541;

321H/UNS S32109;

347/UNS S34700/1.4550;

347H/UNS S34709/1.4912;

348/UNS S34800;


Alloy steel: 

ASTM A694 F42/F46/F48/F50/F52/F56/F60/F65/F70;

ASTM A182 F5a/F5/F9/F11/F12/F22/F91;

ASTM A350 LF1/LF2/LF3;


Duplex steel: 

ASTM A182 F51/S31803/1.4462;

ASTM A182 F53/S2507/S32750/1.4401;

ASTM A182 F55/S32760/1.4501/Zeron 100;


ASTM A182 F44/S31254/254SMO/1.4547;






Nickel alloy steel:

Alloy 200/Nickel 200/NO2200/2.4066/ASTM B366 WPN;

Alloy 201/Nickel 201/NO2201/2.4068/ASTM B366 WPNL;

Alloy 400/Monel 400/NO4400/NS111/2.4360/ASTM B366 WPNC;

Alloy K-500/Monel K-500/NO5500/2.475;

Alloy 600/Inconel 600/NO6600/NS333/2.4816;

Alloy 601/Inconel 601/NO6001/2.4851;

Alloy 625/Inconel 625/NO6625/NS336/2.4856;

Alloy 718/Inconel 718/NO7718/GH169/GH4169/2.4668;

Alloy 800/Incoloy 800/NO8800/1.4876;

Alloy 800H/Incoloy 800H/NO8810/1.4958;

Alloy 800HT/Incoloy 800HT/NO8811/1.4959;

Alloy 825/Incoloy 825/NO8825/2.4858/NS142;

Alloy 925/Incoloy 925/NO9925;

Hastelloy C/Alloy C/NO6003/2.4869/NS333;

Alloy C-276/Hastelloy C-276/N10276/2.4819;

Alloy C-4/Hastelloy C-4/NO6455/NS335/2.4610;

Alloy C-22/Hastelloy C-22/NO6022/2.4602;

Alloy C-2000/Hastelloy C-2000/NO6200/2.4675;

Alloy B/Hastelloy B/NS321/N10001;

Alloy B-2/Hastelloy B-2/N10665/NS322/2.4617;

Alloy B-3/Hastelloy B-3/N10675/2.4600;

Alloy X/Hastelloy X/NO6002/2.4665;

Alloy G-30/Hastelloy G-30/NO6030/2.4603;

Alloy X-750/Inconel X-750/NO7750/GH145/2.4669;

Alloy 20/Carpenter 20Cb3/NO8020/NS312/2.4660;

Alloy 31/NO8031/1.4562;

Alloy 901/NO9901/1.4898;

Incoloy 25-6Mo/NO8926/1.4529/Incoloy 926/Alloy 926;

Inconel 783/UNS R30783; 

NAS 254NM/NO8367;

Monel 30C

Nimonic 80A/Nickel Alloy 80a/UNS N07080/NA20/2.4631/2.4952

Nimonic 263/NO7263

Nimonic 90/UNS NO7090;

Incoloy 907/GH907;

Nitronic 60/Alloy 218/UNS S21800



The supporting tube stand is also called the branch pipe seat, saddle seat and saddle type pipe joint. It is mainly used for reinforcing pipe fittings of branch pipe connection, instead of using different diameter three - way, reinforcing plate and strengthening pipe section. It has the advantages of safety, reliability, lower cost, simple construction, improvement of medium channel, series standardization, convenient design and so on, especially in high pressure, high temperature, large diameter and thick wall pipe. It is widely used instead of the traditional branch connection method.

The main body is made of high quality forgings, and the material is the same as that of pipeline materials, such as carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel and so on. Both the pipe and the head are welded, and the joint of the branch pipe and other pipes, such as the short pipe, the plug and so on, the connection of the instrument and valve, has many types of welding, socket welding, thread and so on.
Criteria: MSS SP 97, GB/T 19326, pressure: 3000#, 6000#

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